{{infobox character| |image = CharlesMartin-GTAIV.png |games = [[Grand Theft Auto IV]] |name = Charles Martin |aka = |gender = M |dob = |pob = America |dod = |home = [[Alderney]] |nationality = American |family = |affiliations = Criminal Underworld |vehicles = |businesses = |voice = }} '''Charles Martin''' is a 51 year old senator of [[Alderney]] in [[Grand Theft Auto IV]]. He supports giving greater authority to border security. He has ties with the [[Liberty City in GTA IV Era |Liberty City]] underworld and is believed to be linked to organised crime throughout the city. He has criminal convictions including, Embezzlement in 1997, Tax Evasion in 2000 and Fraud in 2003. He also has a history of corrupt business practices and alleged misappropriation of state funds. He has the same last name as [[Angus Martin]], though it is unlikely if they are related. Although he deals with the [[Mafia]], the [[Gambetti Family]] in particular, Charles despises foreign criminals. ==LCPD Database information== '''Surname''': Martin '''First Name''': Charles '''Age''': 51 '''Place of Birth''': Alderney City, Alderney '''Affiliations''': Linked to Organized Crime throughout Liberty City. '''Criminal Record''': *1997 - Embezzlement *2000 - Tax Evasion *2003 - Fraud '''Notes''': *History of corrupt business practices. *Ties to the Liberty City underworld. *Alleged misappropriation of state funds. {{GTA IV Characters}} [[Category:Characters|Martin, Charles]] [[Category:Characters in GTA IV|Martin, Charles]]

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