{{/header}} == Comments on LiquidThread plugin, among others == My two cents on the LiquidThread plugin: It's cumbersome, to me at least. The fact that I was unable to even reply on your talk page (the expanded interfaces never completes loading, and on one occasion it redirects me to your userpage instead), and had to create a new section on it instead, shows it's already a problematic feature to a user. If you insist on implementing this fully on users' pages, make it an optional thing. I'm already thoroughly annoyed that I can't turn off that infernal overhead edit toolbar (the preferences don't work), and I'm pretty much fine organizing my discussions the old fashion way; it's actually more reliable. I actually came to discuss something else, but I'll just leave that for later. - [[User:ZS|ZS]] ([[User talk:ZS|talk]]) 18:22, 1 December 2011 (UTC) == Combatting spambots == Hi. Do you think there can be an automated way to combat the spam pages from being created in the first place? All the spam pages have linked to the same website. Maybe have an automatic way to prevent users from posting that website link?--'''[[User:Spaceeinstein|spaceeinstein]]''' 21:14, 1 December 2011 (UTC) :We have a number of measures in place. I won't discuss them in public. Ask me on the forums. [[User:Gboyers|gboyers]] [[User_talk:Gboyers|talk]] 21:20, 1 December 2011 (UTC) Hi, not meaning to hijack someone elses discussion but I have a quick question about this. What am I as a normal member supposed or encouraged to do when I spot a spambot? I've noticed there seems to be an increasing amount of them coming here, and if no staff is online it could take a while to get removed and the Recent Edits could be covered up in other legit edits by that time. I don't know what other systems you have here but sometimes I think that a simple Report button would be a simple way to tackle it. Is adding the spam template appropriate or is it just "adding-fuel-to-the-fire" (i.e. adding edits to completely unnecessary pages)? Should I just do nothing and let the staff handle it when they come online? --[[User:Andreaz1|Andreaz1]] ([[User talk:Andreaz1|talk]]) 21:39, 1 December 2011 (UTC) :That's a good question, although actually our spam attacks aren't that common at all. The first thing you should do is notify a staff member calmly and factually, or email webmaster at grandtheftwiki. Please be aware of [[NSfV]], so don't run around saying how good the spammers are, because that's what they want. Then you can help revert the damage silently, without making a fuss. For spam pages, remove all content and add {{template|delete}}. For spam edits, go to Page History, click on an old/clean version of the page, hit edit and re-save that version. Don't worry too much about a couple of spam edits, just make sure the staff know - everything can be reversed/fixed later. If there's a seriously major attack (which has never happened) then that's when you need to make sure I am contacted so I can stop it, but 100% of the attacks we've had can be fixed. [[User:Gboyers|gboyers]] [[User_talk:Gboyers|talk]] 23:35, 1 December 2011 (UTC) == Vandals == Please continue this discussion on the forum. [[User:Gboyers|gboyers]] [[User_talk:Gboyers|talk]] 23:15, 2 December 2011 (UTC) ==Re: Problem?== {{reply|Crazyman121|Problem?}} g'day govna. im here to reply to yor message about the Dillettante page. No problem there is but i just like mking funny edits and stuff that are funny and kinda is true. Leave me a messsage --[[User:Crazyman121|Crazyman121]] ([[User talk:Crazyman121|talk]]) 03:25, 3 December 2011 (UTC)Crazyman121 == Just to keep you updated == I stepped down as staff at the "other place". Thought you might like to hear it since you never agreed with my methodology of running that place. The main reason I stepped down was lack of interest in the series as a whole (I didn't like any of the GTA4 games or pre-GTA3 games) and that made me underqualified to deal with content disputes. Also lack of interest in vehicles in general, which made me unable to fix our sloppy and out of control Vehicles in GTAV page. Anyway I'm completely done editing that wiki, and I guess that means The Tom is the guy to go to if you have any more concerns about it. [[User:McJeff|Jeff]] [[User talk:McJeff|(talk this way)]] / [[Special:Contributions/McJeff|(stalk this way)]] 22:24, 26 December 2011 (UTC) :Thanks for letting me know. It was never anything personal, just a disagreement in methods - there'll always be someone who disagrees with someone! Good luck in whatever you do next! [[User:Gboyers|gboyers]] [[User_talk:Gboyers|talk]] 22:38, 26 December 2011 (UTC) == Copyright templates == Hi, what exactly does the word "web-resolution" mean, which is in all the copyright screenshot templates? --[[User:Andreaz1|Andreaz1]] ([[User talk:Andreaz1|talk]]) 14:30, 27 December 2011 (UTC) == Plagarism off Wikia == Hey Gboyers, I hate having to bring up this topic again, but I have noticed three articles on this wiki that I believe have been plagarised off Wikia's GTA Wiki. They are: [[1412 Hotel]], [[Rascalov Family]] and [[Bulgarin Family]]. I was wondering if you could help me confirm if they have been plagarised or not. Please forgive me if I am wrong.--[[User:MrLanceVanceDance|MrLanceVanceDance]] ([[User talk:MrLanceVanceDance|talk]]) 00:31, 28 December 2011 (UTC) == Outdated == Hey, Gboyers, I noticed that the [[Grand Theft Wiki: Staff]] page actually seems to be outdated. Back on Wikia, Inspectors (called moderators at the time) could protect talk pages, that right was never given to Inspectors after the move, yet the page still says that Inspectors can protect talk pages. Also, the [[Grand Theft Wiki: Move from Wikia]] page says that thre is only one single adbox, when there are now two adboxes (one on the left and one at the bottom of the page. Can you please help me update those two pages? As an Inspector, I cannot edit those pages.--[[User:MrLanceVanceDance|MrLanceVanceDance]] ([[User talk:MrLanceVanceDance|talk]]) 10:14, 28 December 2011 (UTC) :Hi Gerard, I would just like to point you back to the [[User talk:MrLanceVanceDance#RE: Protecting Talk Pages|original discussion]]. I could have updated the staff page, but the reason that I directed him to you was for the option of having the right restored for inspectors. '''[[User:JFletcher|JFletcher]]''[[User talk:JFletcher|Talk]]''''' (formerly User:Biggest gta fan ever) 10:24, 28 December 2011 (UTC) Thanks for letting me know. We have changed the rights of Moderators/Inspectors a lot over the years - but we never have more than one staff member in that rank at a time. Looking at the [http://www.grandtheftwiki.com/index.php?title=Special%3ALog&type=protect protection log], not many pages are ever protected, so I'm not sure that Inspectors need this right. It's not an issue of trust, but we always follow the principle of least privilege, which means giving people the tools they need to do their job, and not giving everyone every possible permission/right (means less damage if accounts get compromised). If it would be useful, I'm happy to give it out, but I don't see any particular benefit? I'll re-evaluate this, but I'd like your comments on what rights you think inspectors should have, and why. [[User:Gboyers|gboyers]] [[User_talk:Gboyers|talk]] 16:35, 28 December 2011 (UTC) :To be honest, that right actually never did make much sense to me. It's very rare for a talk page to be protected, and unnecessarily protecting a talk page has the potential to cause more problems than unnecessarily protecting an article. I'm pretty happy with the Inspector rights as they are. '''[[User:JFletcher|JFletcher]]''[[User talk:JFletcher|Talk]]''''' (formerly User:Biggest gta fan ever) 03:31, 29 December 2011 (UTC) == Re-Assignment == Hey Gboyers, why have I been demoted as Grand Theft Wiki staff?--[[User:MrLanceVanceDance|MrLanceVanceDance]] ([[User talk:MrLanceVanceDance|talk]]) 00:45, 3 January 2012 (UTC) :We're currently in the process of reorganising the staff & non-staff groups on this wiki. To start with, we've removed the Inspector rank completely, and given Trusted Users the ability to [[Special:Patrol|patrol]]. You've followed this change rather than be promoted to Administrator, as the original intention of you being an Inspector was for you to inspect (patrol) the wiki and help keep it clean, rather than to be an administrator. :The reason for this change is that Inspectors were never meant to be staff - they were just trusted users who were meant to patrol the wiki, and were trusted with a couple of extra tools along the way. However, it became too much of a staff rank, and that was completely against the reason we had them. What's the point of having a member with admin tools who doesn't have the power to make the decisions to use them? There was no way to restrict their use to 'obvious' or spam situations, so I've removed the tools entirely from that level of member. Instead, Trusted Users now have the patrol right amongst a few others. :The main difference now is that trusted users are definitely not staff, are not listed on the staff page, and do not have a badge/colour to distinguish them as staff. This is because we need to make sure users can easily identify staff (administrators) who can sort problems out and tell them what to do. It's now very clear that all staff are full administrators, which is better than the confusion we had before. Over time, we will decide whether Trusted Users should have some additional tools, or whether we need an additional rank in between. We will also be adding other features and groups into the system. One idea is a group of helpers who volunteer to help out new users. :Additionally, I was not happy with the way you kept acting like a full staff member, and in some cases almost seeming to be an administrator. Your [http://www.grandtheftwiki.com/index.php?title=User_talk:MrLanceVanceDance&diff=339628&oldid=339510 comment] of: ''"I'll monitor his behaviour and take action against him at the moment he starts causing trouble"'' is not in-line what an Inspector/Patroller/Moderator should be doing. As I have [http://www.grandtheftwiki.com/User_talk:MrLanceVanceDance#Nomination_for_Promotion explained] to you before: ''"The role of an Inspector is to inspect wiki content, make sure the wiki is up-to scratch. The role does NOT include any 'power' or 'authority' over users."'' Whilst I appreciated your recent contribution to the staff forum, the staff and I still have our concerns, and I have not seen you performing much [http://www.grandtheftwiki.com/index.php?title=Special%3ALog&type=patrol&user=MrLanceVanceDance patrolling] or contributing to any [[Community:Projects]] which is what I'd need to see before a promotion to administrator. :I hope you will embrace the redefined patrolling & helping role of a Trusted User, and not be upset just because it's no longer listed on the staff page. If you genuinely believe you are right to be an administrator on this wiki, that you want that role for the right reasons, that you know the inner workings of the wiki well enough, and that I can trust you with the huge power our administrators have, then I can start the promotion discussion. Let me know if you have any questions. [[User:Gboyers|gboyers]] [[User_talk:Gboyers|talk]] 01:27, 3 January 2012 (UTC) So Gboyers, how come I am not listed on the "former staff members" section of the [[Grand Theft Wiki: Staff]] page, considering that I am a former staff member now and other inspectors (called patrollers at that time) are listed.--[[User:MrLanceVanceDance|MrLanceVanceDance]] ([[User talk:MrLanceVanceDance|talk]]) 04:53, 3 January 2012 (UTC) Also, the reason I said" I'll monitor his behaviour" means to check his edits closely on the "recent edits" page to check if they are vandalism and not, and then revert them as soon as I see what appears to be vandalism. Also, what I mean by "take action" is to revert any vandalism he causes (if he has caused any), and, in certain cases, inform higher ranking staff members about his vandalism and/or spamming if he did cause any. So basically, I was still sticking to my job while at the same time, showing the other users of this wiki that I had a low tolerance towards vandalism and spamming, and I would take action as soon as it happened.--[[User:MrLanceVanceDance|MrLanceVanceDance]] ([[User talk:MrLanceVanceDance|talk]]) 04:58, 3 January 2012 (UTC) == Plagiarizer == A user who got banned from GTA Wikia has made his own grand theft auto wiki (http://gtw.wikia.com) and is not only plagiarizing your content but has stated that he will freely plagiarize your content because he is allowed to. See [http://gtw.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Log/block this] The user is an out-and-out troll although much more subtle about his trolling than most, and Wikia Staff is being even less help than usual. I have four requests for help in with them from 2 days ago and no response. [[User:McJeff|Jeff]] [[User talk:McJeff|(talk this way)]] / [[Special:Contributions/McJeff|(stalk this way)]] 15:39, 3 January 2012 (UTC) ==Alumni== This actually seems like a very good idea. First of all let me do what I always do and apologies my inactivity, I will freely admit I've not been paying as much attention to this wiki as I should, mainly because I've noticed that, with the move from Wikia and the decreased activity, there's nothing that I can particularly do that the active staff aren't already doing :/. Nevertheless, I hope to become fully active again as soon as GTA V comes out, or even sooner as we get information. I'm in favor of this "Alumni" group (pardon for asking, but what does that word even mean?). My main concern over the last few months was becoming an "Inactive" staff member, however this group makes it so that we can still edit when we please and keep some administrative power. May I just ask, as I can't seem to find it, what are the differences between the new Alumni group and Administrators? (apart from the color changes and not being on the staff pages). By the way, just asking, whats the latest news around the place? And is there any particular task you need assistance with? I'm still here to help after all :). '''''[[User:Chimpso|Chimpso]]''''' ([[User Talk:Chimpso|Talk]]) 11:11, 4 January 2012 (UTC) :To be honest with you, I kind of liked the Moderator/Inspector rank. When I put in a request for promotion to Moderator I considered the role to be one where you can show your competence as a staff member and prove that you can successfully work as part of the team and handle the new responsibilities that you're given. To me, it would have been something along the lines of "Training" to be an administrator, so you can develop the maturity and skills to be finally given the position, while still contributing to the wiki at the same time. Of course, I've never been a moderator, so I can't really speak from experience. But I think we've seen how it can train users to become administrators while keeping their interest in the role (Yay! I'm a staff member!), instead of them having to be on for years before receiving official recognition for their work. Just my 2 cents there, while I never looked at moderators having a big a role in the wiki's day-to-day activity, I always noted it as a way for them to experience the staff position and gain the maturity to become admins (Masterpogihaha for example). Personally, I think there's no huge harm in having a Moderator/Inspector role, It gives users something they can work towards that is more easily obtainable that Administrator, but that's just IMO really.'''''[[User:Chimpso|Chimpso]]''''' ([[User Talk:Chimpso|Talk]]) :I agree it's good for users to have some responsibility, but they can do this as a regular user (fixing problems & helping users) and as a Trusted User (by [[Grand Theft Wiki:Patrolling|Patrolling]]). That's a better step-up than us giving them a badge and some fancy powerful tools, but without trusting them enough to use them as an admin. It's much more natural this way - we pick the best users who we trust, rather than giving lots of people a chance to be half a staff member for a while. We'll see how this goes! [[User:Gboyers|gboyers]] [[User_talk:Gboyers|talk]] 00:45, 8 January 2012 (UTC) ==Uploading images== I'm wondering if, to follow up with the new categories for images, the new screenshot templates should be added to the drop down box of choices when you upload a new image? A-Dust 18:14, 7 January 2012 (UTC) == Patrolling == Thanks for giving me the ability to Patrol edits, I appreciate it and I'm absolutely going to keep an eye on that. :) However, I do have a few questions: #[[Grand Theft Wiki:Patrolling|Here]] it says that red exclamation marks will appear on not-yet-patrolled edits however there are none of those appearing for me. I'm looking at edits that Jmbond007 made less than a minute ago so I doubt anyone has been able to patrol them already? #There is also no "Mark as Patrolled" button when clicking ''diff'' like there is in your picture? #Maybe just a forgotten permission but Staff still show up on [[Special:Patrol]] Maybe you're still in the process of fixing things, but thanks for your help. --[[User:Andreaz1|Andreaz1]] ([[User talk:Andreaz1|talk]]) 12:44, 8 January 2012 (UTC) :Yes, it all works great now, thanks for your help! :) --[[User:Andreaz1|Andreaz1]] ([[User talk:Andreaz1|talk]]) 15:08, 8 January 2012 (UTC) == Re:Nomination for Promotion == Thanks for the nomination, I'm flattered! I've filled out answers to all the questions, let me know if there's anything else I need to do. :) ''[[User:Silver Infernus|It makes sense]] [[User talk:Silver Infernus|if you don't]] [[Special:Contributions/Silver Infernus|think about it...]]'' 03:18, 15 January 2012 (UTC) ==Community Pages== Are users alowed to creat community pages in grand theft wiki? {{unsigned|Nameless assasin}} == blcked == may i ask why was my username was blocked? == My inactivity == I am truly honored that I've earned the right to patrol, but I must apologise for my quite obvious inactivity. Things have moved on since 2010, I study at university, I'm part of a (somewhat) important internet community, and I don't play GTA games as much as I used to. But I won't leave this wiki now, not after all I've done, and everything I still have to do (completing articles about the radio stations for instance), and I am pretty sure I'll be much more active once there are more news around Grand Theft Auto V, which will be happening soon, hopefully. But I also have a huge project on Left 4 Dead Wiki that I need to complete as well (which won't be anytime soon, I'm afraid) but I'll try to contribute to this wiki as often as possible. I'm just being sorry for I won't be patrolling much in the next few months.--[[User:Loadingue|Loadingue]] ([[User talk:Loadingue|talk]]) 19:13, 17 January 2012 (UTC) == Promotion == Hi, I'm still shocked about this. Massive thank you for the nomination, which I didn't see coming at all, much less an actual promotion! Took a bit of digesting but I'm ready now. I will take a look at the new rights, I'll come back to you if I have any questions about them. Also, I signed up at the forums - username '''Andreaz1''', but maybe you already saw that. Now I will go explore the new rights I have, I hope I won't disappoint you. Again, thank you so much. [[User:Andreaz1|Andreaz1]] ([[User talk:Andreaz1|talk]]) 19:57, 17 January 2012 (UTC) == Re:Nomination for Promotion == Sure thing. Just those two questions? ''[[User:Silver Infernus|It makes sense]] [[User talk:Silver Infernus|if you don't]] [[Special:Contributions/Silver Infernus|think about it...]]'' 03:01, 21 January 2012 (UTC) == Wrong top speeds in GTA IV == I'm seriously tired of this matter. Even after [[Talk:Infernus#2nd fastest car in GTAIV?|this discussion]] and after all my edits, displaying the true top speed of most vehicles, using a reliable speedometer, people still seem to trust those impossible and even stupid numbers displayed on [http://www.gta4.net/vehicles/ GTA4.net]. And GTW is the best GTA Wiki out there, totally wrong numbers is something we must avoid at all costs. I don't want to correct this mistake for every vehicle, all the time. Is there any way we could convince them not to trust GTA4.net? Like a small note on the [[Vehicles in GTA IV]] page, or a note in every vehicle article? What should I do?--[[User:Loadingue|Loadingue]] ([[User talk:Loadingue|talk]]) 00:48, 24 January 2012 (UTC) ==Infobox character template== Just to let you know that the infobox character template is not working correctly on [[Sweet]], but is fine on other articles I've checked. A-Dust 01:17, 24 January 2012 (UTC) Seems fine to me? [[User:Gboyers|gboyers]] [[User_talk:Gboyers|talk]] 07:17, 24 January 2012 (UTC) :I've just [[:File:Infobox character problem.jpg|uploaded an image]] showing the problem. A-Dust 10:15, 24 January 2012 (UTC) ==Re:Bot replace tool== {{reply|A-Dust|Bot replace tool}} Thanks but I'd rather do it myself, especially as it's not only templates and categories that I'm changing. Just with the vehicles file names (from, for example, Picador 1.jpg to Picador-GTASA-PS2.jpg) and things like GTA: San Andreas to the full title. A-Dust 21:57, 25 January 2012 (UTC) ==Gtw== I want to ask how did you manage to make such a big website like gtw it must have been alot of work i just want to know how to create a wiki site without the suport of gta wikia because they would obiviously claim it as their so how?[[User:Nameless assasin|Nameless assasin]] ([[User talk:Nameless assasin|talk]]) 12:17, 27 January 2012 (UTC) == Grand Theft Wiki Signatures == Hey Gboyers, how do you use the signatures in [[Community: Signatures]]?--[[User:MrLanceVanceDance|MrLanceVanceDance]] ([[User talk:MrLanceVanceDance|talk]]) 00:29, 28 January 2012 (UTC) :Depends where you want to use them. For a forum, you just need to use whatever code that forum allows, and link to the image's full direct URL (click on the image ON the file page to get to the image itself), so for most forums that would be: [img]http://www.grandtheftwiki.com/images/Sig-evo-tlad.png[/img]. But you should also link it to GTW, so it would be [url=http://www.grandtheftwiki.com][img]http://www.grandtheftwiki.com/images/Sig-evo-tlad.png[/img][/url]. Check with the individual site for the code and rules they allow. [[User:Gboyers|gboyers]] [[User_talk:Gboyers|talk]] 00:32, 28 January 2012 (UTC) Thanks for the info Gboyers.--[[User:MrLanceVanceDance|MrLanceVanceDance]] ([[User talk:MrLanceVanceDance|talk]]) 00:38, 28 January 2012 (UTC) == Patrolling == Hi Gboyers, Thank you for the information, I have a particular question about patrolling, do I always have to go to the special:patrol page to see the full menu for patrolling (endorse, skip ect) or is there an alternative shortcut. I have found one but that only gives me the 'mark as patrolled" button. Thanks--[[User:Montario|Montario]] ([[User talk:Montario|talk]]) 17:26, 30 January 2012 (UTC) == Re:Administration == Thanks for the promotion! I've registered the username "Silver_Infernus" on the forum. As for the email, it says I've been sent a confirmation code, but I didn't actually receive one. My email is listed there but I don't receive notifications like I do on Wikia's sites. ''[[User:Silver Infernus|It makes sense]] [[User talk:Silver Infernus|if you don't]] [[Special:Contributions/Silver Infernus|think about it...]]'' 21:25, 30 January 2012 (UTC) == Quality of Edits == Hi again Gboyers - I have noticed that the majority of the help page I created was re-worded and simplified again, am I using complicated language again or is it something else. Just a concern!--[[User:Montario|Montario]] ([[User talk:Montario|talk]]) 21:26, 30 January 2012 (UTC) :Oh ok! Thank you! I am not offended at all, I am learning as I go along :)--[[User:Montario|Montario]] ([[User talk:Montario|talk]]) 21:45, 30 January 2012 (UTC) ::One more question - Is this page actually needed- [[Atmosphere]]. I raised this concern though never got a reply from anyone. Thanks!--[[User:Montario|Montario]] ([[User talk:Montario|talk]]) 19:12, 31 January 2012 (UTC)


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This article is about modifying game files. For the garages that modify vehicles in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, see Mod Garages.

A Maverick from GTA IV, in GTA San Andreas.
A popular car to mod, particularly in GTA V, is the police cars.
Car modifications that put real-life cars into the game (for example, Bugatti Veyron Super Sport) are among the most common and popular modifications throughout the entire GTA series.

A modification (known as a mod for short) is an alteration to a game. Grand Theft Auto modifications are created by fans after the game's release, and are normally not authorized or endorsed by Rockstar Games. Modifications can be obtained from many Grand Theft Auto websites and fansites.

Almost all modifications are entirely free, and may be downloaded and used by anybody. However, there are restrictions on editing and distributing the modification, so always ask permission from the author.

Modifications are mainly only used on PC and, recently, mobile (iOS and Android) versions of Grand Theft Auto games, although the latter two require jailbreaking (iOS) or root access (Android). There are methods of modifying console versions, but these are complex and usually break the license agreement of the game and the game console.

Modifications are applicable for:

Different Types of Modifications

Modifications in special websites usually are distributed on several categories, depending on the aspect of the game that they change:

An example of a map mod in GTA V, which spawns objects that transforms a house in Mad Wayne Thunder Drive to a party-like house.

Adds buildings, islands, towns, and other objects to an existent landscape of the GTA game. They consist of the added model description with corresponding textures and collision data. Examples include:

  • Pleasure Island (GTA VC)
  • Liberty City (GTA VC)
  • WTC (GTA SA)

Alters or replaces the mission script (main.scm in all of the GTA III Era games) of the GTA game. These could alter details of missions or even add entirely new missions. The mission script file is responsible for what-happens-when, so modifying it can achieve almost any effect.

Patches / Fixes

Modifications of this type do not change anything appreciable but only correct errors present in the original GTA game, including but not limited to:

Some patches or fixes attempt to restore hidden/removed features in the game, such as the Ghost Town in GTA III and scenes for adults in GTA San Andreas.

Player / Pedestrians
An example of a player mod. The player (green striped shirt in the center) is changed with an NPC skin and were also surrounded with his bodyguards.

Basically changes the model of the protagonist or other NPCs in the game, adds new clothing items, or even adds new sound/animation data. These began after the release of GTA III, which contained an appreciable alternate skin for Claude. Examples include:

  • Niko Bellic player model (GTA SA)
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events pedestrians models (GTA SA)
An example of a vehicle mod, an Aston Martin Vanquish which replaces the Massacro.

Changes vehicles in the game. It can range from simply replacing vehicle colors or tweaking the performance stats to adding new vehicles, replacing them with a hi-poly modeled and textured version, or even replacing them with a brand new vehicle altogether. This is the most common type of mod in the GTA series.

As a side note, the majority of vehicle mods are real-life vehicles, usually ripped from other games with vehicles (e.g. racing games, although other Grand Theft Auto games are also applicable).

In the case of Grand Theft Auto V, only texture mods for the in-game vehicles are currently available, while there are modifications that can make the cars behave mostly like, if not exactly like their real-life counterparts in terms of performance.


Alters weapon models and data, like accuracy or rate of fire, and shot sound.

Total Conversions (TC)
An example of a total conversion mod in GTA San Andreas, the GTA United, which replaces the state of San Andreas with Vice City and Liberty City maps.

Total Conversions encompass many of these features at once. TCs generally change everything in that GTA game, including the map, vehicles, pedestrians, player, and missions. A few TC mods been made and completed (e.g. GTA Long Night, a zombified Vice City total conversion mod for GTA Vice City), and there have been many more planned that have never reached a release.


Sometimes known as script mods, gameplay mods change the way players play the game. These mod usually have their own custom script but don't interfere with the main.scm script file. Script mods are also sometimes known as "for fun" mods because they are often used to spawn so-called "myths" in certain places, giving players special weapons, the ability to control the weather, etc. Script mods usually start the player off with maxed-out muscle, a wad of cash, all cities/bridges unlocked and sometimes with an entire arsenal of weapons to use. Sometimes these mods are just simple, such as modifying the game's clock to last up to 24 hours.


Another popular type of mod is fixing the physics. Originally, the physics engine was unrealistic. However, because of CLEO mods, some gamers have been able to change the physics engine by importing the RAGE engine (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine) into GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City. A popular mod is the "GTA San Andreas Rag-doll" mod. In GTA III, this is much harder to do since limbs come off in the PC version.


Another popular type of mod is cosmetic replacement. For example, there are mods that replace fictional brands into real ones (e.g. Burger Shot changing into Burger King) or replace vehicles with their real-life counterparts (e.g. the Super GT from GTA IV changing into an Aston Martin DB9). Sometimes, these even replace district names to match their real ones. An example is the GTA San Andreas real mod.


Some third-party programs wrongly count as modifications. The basic criterion for modification is changing the original game 'content' files, and these programs actually do not touch the game files.

An example of a trainer, the Menyoo Trainer in GTA V.

Trainers are programs that run alongside the game and manipulate the game's data stored in memory. These programs can change many different things, ranging from the player's health, armor, weapons, skill, and even location; to being able to spawn vehicles, modify the current vehicle (e.g. color, damage etc), and edit vehicles stored in garages; to modifying the time, game speed, and weather.


As all PC versions of the GTA III Era games lack multiplayer capabilities, gamer communities started creating unofficial multiplayer clients & servers. These programs allow to play online with other players on public servers, or offer 'head-to-head' competitions between directly connected players. Types of gameplay provided may differ between different servers, but usually are versions of FPS-like deathmatch/CTF or rally/street races. Examples include:

Screenshot taken with ENB Series mod installed.

Additional programs/libraries which remove or increase certain GTA game engine limits and restrictions, like maximum draw distance and number of objects in scene. Display of these restrictions are well known drops of road texture, delays of LOD textures on buildings when moving fast, and traffic unification with current protagonist car driven. Some enhancers also apply modern shader post-processing effects to game graphics. Notable enhancers include:

Creating Modifications

An example of GTA San Andreas CLEO mod, which makes the player able to made the credits appear anytime they want.

Some things, like car colors and handling, weapons characteristics, and ped relations, can be changed easily because all the data necessary stay in plain-text files, with basic guidelines for their usage from game developers in file headers. However, creating more advanced modifications (such as entire buildings or cars) is more difficult, and usually requires some advance experience in creating models for games. Google SketchUp is a good program for creating building models. 3ds Max, Lightwave, and ZModeler are also used. Textures are less complex, but still tricky. Textures normally should be the same size as their originals, because bigger ones may cause the game to lag depending on FPS, as those appear in higher resolution. Also, some textures may contain an alpha texture.

The mission modifications are even harder to produce. First, mission script for a game must be presented in compiled form, which require use of special compiler/decompiler tools for any changes. Second, script language is not officially documented, and worse, each script editor has their own interpretation of it. Finally, many script features depend on hardcoded functions in the game executable, which can lead to unexpected troubles with different usage approaches, game region versions, official patches, and even depends on end-user hardware. These results with mission modifications are usually simple gameplay missions. The most often used mission script editor is Mission Builder by Barton Waterduck and its derivative, Sanny Builder. Recently, however, a tool called Design Your Own Mission (DYOM), specifically for San Andreas, makes making missions less complex, but these are usually simple.

For Total Conversions, there are even more specific tools needed, like ped & traffic paths editor, GXT (texts) editor, interface (menu) editor, and so on. It is strongly advised that you do not attempt to do more than you are capable of. Do not expect to be able to recreate your favorite vehicle in a few hours. Many modifications take months.

Vice City Mod Manager

Vice City Mod Manager (VCMM) is a tool for modifying objects in GTA Vice City. VCMM uses its own file format VCM, and mods can be downloaded in this format from many different websites.

San Andreas Mod Manager

San Andreas Mod Manager (SAMM) is a mod manager for GTA San Andreas. It does the same thing as Vice City Mod Manager.

Installing Modifications

A GTA V mod being previewed with OpenIV.

Vehicle, player, and weapon mods are usually constructed on replacement of already present game objects, because there are limits to number of objects of such kind in game engine, often already filled up by developers, and addition of the new model will require a lot of 'precision' editing in many game files. Therefore, a new vehicle, weapon, or character model will replace the existing one and all installation is reduced to work with IMG archives and little editing of one or two game files in text editor. Always do backup of files touched before any change occurs.

Installation of larger modifications, such as maps, depends on a method chosen by the developer of mod. Some mods are made as file replacements, where the mod comes in the form of an archive which you must unpack to the original game's directory. This simplified installation costs large files to download. Other mods come with special installers ("mod installers"), which automate work with IMG archives and text-files editing. Both methods are usually incompatible with other mods present, so you must install them over special fresh installation of the original game.


  • Some gamers consider modifications to spoil the integrity and theme of the game — for example, they don't think a Lamborghini Gallardo, BMW M5 F10 or even a 2015 Ford Mustang GT belongs in GTA San Andreas which took place in 1992, although you can make your own decisions on these matters.
  • Most modifications do not alter the status of your game. However, if you install a modification that edits or replaces the mission script file, you will have to begin a new game (except in rare cases), or use a provided savegame created for that specific modification. The game will crash immediately if you try to load an old savegame file.
  • Modifications that were badly coded (mainly missions) or contain many hi-quality textures and models may result with game performance degradation, jerky framerate, and various graphical glitches, especially on old hardware.
  • Also, most modifications are made for PC, while the rest are made for iOS/Android. Attempting to install the mods cross-platform (iOS/Android on PC, and vice versa) may result in either graphical oddities or even game crashes.
  • Usually, when installing new vehicle/weapon mods, the game will still display the original vehicles' or weapons' names. To correct this, modify the GXT file of the language you are using.
  • Except for the iOS/Android version of GTA III, the iOS/Android versions of GTA III Era games no longer use TXD files, instead putting all textures in a gta3.txt file, along with pvr (gta3.pvr.dat, gta3.pvr.tmb, gta3.pvr.toc) and gta3.unc.tmb files.

Modding on GTA IV

As with the previous GTA games, modding continues to be prominent on Grand Theft Auto IV.

While most players mod the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV, many players also mod the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of GTA IV. One of the most predominantly used mods on the console versions of GTA IV will give the player the ability to shoot rockets out of guns other than rocket launchers. Many modders will also use a "speedup" mod that allows them to drive vehicles at incredibly fast speeds, sometimes fast enough to make the vehicle start flying. Modders also spawn cars that are not available in multiplayer with an array of unofficial paintjobs. Modders will also spawn story mode characters as bodyguards. Many people feel angry and annoyed to see a modder in a Free Mode game, usually because they are killing the other players with their modified weapons. Often times a modder will be kicked out of the game or trash-talked to. Despite modding being relatively annoying to some, others find modding fun and use it as a way to obtain various abilities or vehicles for their own personal enjoyment or for the players in the current multiplayer game.

Modding on GTA V

As with the previous GTA games, modding continues to be prominent on Grand Theft Auto V. However, Rockstar originally banned any sort of modifications, even in Single Player, due to the presence of Grand Theft Auto Online. Also, in every game title update, all script mods and game configuration mods will be broken and rendered unusable and an update is required to make the game be able to run again, also the update.rpf file will be reset to the vanilla state meaning the player had to make backups before updating the game.


You modify your game at your own risk. There is no guarantee that all modifications you download will work, or whether the instructions will be complete. You should make yourself familiar with simple well-known modifications (such as vehicles) before attempting to install larger and more complex models.

Always read the instructions thoroughly, and always backup files before you edit!


You can post your modifications here!
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